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Now, onto the healing.

Theatre has come and gone

and the anesthetist successful in my first ‘choice’ of placing the picc up

through Ivy’s vein in her foot, through her groin, under her diaphragm and

into the SVC of her heart through some back door trickery.

I’m glad

because my fall back choice was to place another hickmans line.

The thought of sticking two week temporary lines into jugulars and carotids

did nothing for me.

Especially in lieu of Ivy’s unlucky streak of late.

So, backed into a corner, I made the only decision left.

The kind surgeon went to biopsy the lumps but ended doing

an excision of the whole area.

Lumps, surrounding tissue and then some because when he tugged on the

first of the samples he found it connected to the next pocket of abscess

and that one connected to the next -

I imagine like when a young child knots a handkerchief

into a long thick rope of cotton.

Ivy ended up with two long incisions to add to her war wounds

and the pain to match them.

When she was suitably drugged on a massive dose of opiate

she asked: “do I have a picc or a central line?”

and when I told her it was the picc she cried so hard

I thought her heart would burst.

Turns out she was hoping for the hickmans

because that would see her home sooner, it would mean no more needles

and she might have made it for The Easter Hat Parade at school.

If only she had voiced that to us while the paed and I were nutting out the

best plan.

It is her body after all and she has a right to an opinion.

As it stands the girl is quite miserable and in pain and mortified that she

hurts way to much for me to be able to even lift her to the bathroom

and that hurts my heart too.

I had to cut her undies off and

god forbid

put her in a nappy for tonight.

Embarrassed as well as cut, battered and bruised.

I can see challenges on the horizon for the girl and I as we learn to navigate

this new appendage

but for now I am just happy that the surgical part of this hoopla is done.

Now onto the healing.

For every single one of you who sent positive vibes into the universe for my

girl today, I thank you.

They worked their miracles.