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40 before 40

I’m 39 today.

I think I feel okay about that.

Somedays I feel every one of those years

and other days I still feel sixteen.

I wrote before about my fear – less year

and my want to do 40 things before I turn 40.

I plan on working my way through it over the next twelve months and hopefully blog some of it too.

Setting these challenges is kind of like a birthday gift from myself.

A happy birthday to me, if you like.

So, here it is, in no particular order:

(thanks to many of you who helped me with suggestions)



40 things I want to do before I turn 40

* Go to a ballet for adults class.

* Learn how to and make pickles.

* Get back into pre Ivy and Noah jeans – size 14.

* Write and illustrate a children’s book.

* Go hot air ballooning.

* Cook cover to cover from a cooking magazine, over one month.

* Wear more skirts and dresses (this was Ivy’s suggestion).

* Take a once in a lifetime trip.

* Grow a veggie garden (those who know me will attest that this will be a very big challenge. I have  black thumbs).

* Learn how to and make a quilt.

* Go strawberry picking.

* Have 12 hours of good sleep.

* Walk along the beach on my own on a Winter’s day.

* Go ice skating with the kids.

* Go on an aeroplane by myself.

*  40 random acts of kindness in one day.

* Buy a bunch of flowers once a month.

* Try to wear a little bit of make up each day (I’m woeful at this).

* Go back to scrapbooking – finish Ivy and Noah’s birth box.

* Climb the Harbour Bridge.

* Read a whole book – one a month for a year.

* Write a personal letter to Dave and each of the kids and surprise them.

* Walk daily.

* Go to a cooking class with a friend.

* Photograph the sunrise and sunset of my 39th and 40th birthdays.

* Bake a rainbow cake.

* Go out with Dave more.

* Have some of my photos on display in an exhibition.

* Go on a date with each of the kids separately.

* Climb a tree.

* Try a custard apple.

* Knit a scarf.

* Try a completely different hair style and colour and keep in for at least a month.

* Verbalise one positive thing about me (just to myself) each day. (oi, that will be hard).

* Eat vegetarian for a week.

* Dress the whole family up formally and go out to dinner in a not so fancy restaurant – Fancy Nancy style.

* Spend a day volunteering somewhere with the older kids. (37)

* Tell the people who mean the most to me that  I love them more often.

* Buy something for myself that makes me feel beautiful, every time I wear it.

* Re open blue hippo photography.


For today though, I am going on a little shopping spree and maybe have my hair done, with my beautiful family.

I may even eat cake.