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365 little blessings.

This is the post where I am supposed to wax lyrical about all of my New Year’s resolutions

but I have none to tell you about.

I stopped making them a long time ago.

I stopped wishing for different things from the year that was

or better things.

I don’t ask for ¬†better health

or wealth

or good luck.

Instead, I wish for simple things,

like finding something good in each day

and spending time with the people I love the most in this world,

which is my wish for all of you too.

I would like to take this opportunity as well

to thank you for reading,

for commenting

for messaging

and emailing.

Thank you for connecting with me,

supporting me

and for for walking with us on our journey.

Here’s to 2013 and 365 days of simple blessings.



From our family to yours…


Thank you for reading, commenting, connecting.

Thank you for walking with me this big year.

I hope that however you choose to celebrate this season

that you are able to spend it with the people who are your world.

Hospital seven is way better than normal seven.

On Ivy and Noah’s birthday we were all up early

and by early I’m talking 4am early

because Noah couldn’t sleep through all of the hospital noise

and because he was excited that his birthday was finally here.

Ivy muttered something to him in the wee hours about having to roll over and sleep some more

when you’re in the hospital

but ¬†sleep didn’t come for Noah, who admirably lay (reasonably) still for another hour

before it was all too much and he declared the day to have started.

I switched on a light and he scrambled up to Ivy

where they snuggled and watched SpongeBob

until the rest of the world caught up with the new day.

I could try to explain how the happiness and contentment radiated from the hospital bed

but it wouldn’t be enough.

I’m not sure I could describe it properly at all.


Dave and the kids arrived at 7am

with fruit salad

and pancakes,


and presents

and filled the room with balloons.


Room 24 is a small room to start

but add in another seven people, with all of the additional paraphernalia that comes with birthdays in hospital

and it kind of feels like a jumpy castle that has been overstuffed with kids.

It was hot and always moving.

Doctors came

and nurses too -

the nurses filing in with big smiles and shiny eyes

and their best singing voices.


They gave both Ivy and Noah a gift.

They felt like family -

A brood of blue shirted Aunties

and I loved them for it.

Ivy, true to her style,

accepted gracefully,

smiled shyly

but quietly revelled in having many of her favourite people in her room.

Noah was caught up in a post sugar ingestion high

and was loud

and squealy

and happy.

The paed sent through an email,

which I let Ivy read

and because of all the people and activity I didn’t notice until much later

that the girl had sent one back

proclaiming her love for him.


When the Captains turned up from The Starlight room

and decorated even more (“Ivyfest” had begun two days previously, so they revealed a new poster for day 3)

and sang Taylor Swift;


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Ivy was in heaven

and Noah thought all of it was “awesome!”

I really couldn’t have asked for a more special birthday for the pair all things considered.

Everyone went out of their way to make it so.

In the afternoon

we were granted gate leave

and took everyone out for Sushi -

so Ivy could have her favourite Nori rolls, with small wedges of cucumber inside

and then decided on a movie.

When we found ourselves the only family in the cinema

Ivy and Noah declared that we must have bought the whole theatre out -

just for them

and decided that they were super rich princes and princesses

out for an afternoon of fun.

We took the girl home to see her animals

and the pair had cake before it was time to go back to the hospital.

Noah, of course, said it was the “best day ever” (he likes to say that after every birthday, I’ve noticed)

and claimed that hospital seven was way better than normal seven.

Ivy, I think, had a nice day too.

Turning seven in the hospital may not be anyone’s ideal

but because every single person that day made it a celebration,

it worked.


It was special and different

and one that won’t be forgotten by, the now, seven year old pair.

On the eve of seven.


We’ve done birthdays and anniversaries in hospital before,

Easter and almost Christmas too

but this is the first time since Ivy and Noah were born

that we’ve celebrated their birthday here.

It’s a little bit sad,

kind of symbolic

but not altogether miserable.

The nurses and the new doctor have been wonderful -

I cannot fault their care for the girl

and all of our friends, who we’ve come to know on this journey

have wished the pair a happy day.

Noah is arriving tonight for a sleepover with his sister

and breakfast has been organised

so that when they wake they are together.

Just as it should be.

I mean, it’s not perfect or ideal

but we’re making the best of it all.

The Captains from Starlight, who reside in our hospital

have come for the last two days to decorate Ivy’s room

and make her laugh

and Ivy gets better and stronger each day.

Seven used to be my favourite number before William died

and then it wasn’t

but I still love this age.

This funny,


whimsical age

where they wonder at the world

and everything is like a new adventure.

I love them too.

On the day they were born I wondered what it would be like,

how I would be

with two tiny babies to care for along with my grief

and my five other sweethearts who needed me too

but they’ve been my completion, really.

They are my biggest adventure so far.

So happy birthday, my gorgeous pair.

I hope seven is as exciting as you are to me

and as wonderful as ice cream and pancakes

with sweet, sticky syrup on your birthday morning.