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Did I let the girl go ice skating?

I did


and she may have loved it.

A lot

but her brother found it the scariest thing he’d ever done

because balancing on anything is hard

but balancing on ice, on two thin blades is the hardest thing ever.

Did we have an amazing day?

We did.

Did the kids make a formidable team as they pegged others with snowballs on the other side of a large volleyball net

and then suddenly turn on each other,


and sucking in their breath as the balls exploded on skin and soaked through clothes.


and the small boy had the time of his life hurling snow at his father,

who was being resupplied by his youngest girl, so he could retaliate.

Were the conditions perfect for building a small snowman

or for meeting with some husky dogs who had just run a race

or for spending time together as a family

and feeling as though we could fly to the moon

because we felt  so care free.




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19 Responses to “Snow.”

  • Sass:

    So much happiness. :D
    The ice skating place looks awesome.

  • Carolyn Franklin:

    Best story I’ve read ALL week. Thank you, so glad to hear you all had such an amazing adventure xxx

  • Q:

    May all of your days be just as lovely and wonderful. <3

  • Dianne Nunn (24 comments.):

    beautiful pics – good to see everyone enjoying themselves.

  • Sue:

    Tiff, that is jut the loveliest set of photos and happiest day I’ve seen in a very long time! Makes me feel great too xx

  • Dianne:

    Wow! I love how much fun you all have together. That last photo of Ivy in front of the globe is just incredible.

  • Fiona:

    that last photo almost made me cry!

  • Anne:

    I don’t think Ivy’s smile could physically be any bigger :)

  • Sharon:

    Your photos are stunning and truly capture the amazing day you had with your family. I love reading your blog, thanks for sharing :)

  • janet:

    Lovely! All of it… all of you! You have a real gift for capturing happiness in pictures.

  • Mum:

    Such a happy time shared by all to cherish forever. Loved seeing Ivy in skates and finally taking flight across the “moon”. Every single fun-filled pic a delight! :-) xoxo

  • StacieT:

    This just makes my heart so happy for you all! What a fun day!

  • Trish:

    I adore this post and love the last photo. Beautiful x

  • Lisa Gleeson (6 comments.):

    It’s yso hard to think about people playing with snowballs, when it’s so hot here that the pool feels like a bathtub :) . And I adore that last picture in your post :) :)

  • BW aka Barbara from Boston:

    Its at least day six of a heat wave, 98 degrees today. Thanks for the thoroughly refreshing photos. Ivy’s silhouette against the lantern was stunning. So delighted you all enjoyed a family play day.

  • Liz:

    Love Maddie’s new hair color, and the pants are so cool too! What a great time this looks like.

  • Ask a Toddler (1 comments.):

    Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing askatoddler.com

  • Carly Findlay (4 comments.):

    Love this post! The happiness bursts off the page. :)

  • Jennette:

    wonderful memories made
    heartwarming pics, thanks for sharing them with us Tiff

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