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Bravery Beads.

Almost twelve months ago we floated an idea to our awesome play therapist

and then Team Ivy Day happened, where the amazing students and teachers from the high school my big kids attend,

raised an enormous amount of money to help get the bravery beads program up and running.

A few weeks ago, as Ivy went into surgery for the umpteenth time and Maddy was meeting her psychiatrist

the program was officially launched for the children who frequent the little medical ward that has become like Ivy’s second home.

Dave took all of our  kids who weren’t admitted to hospital to join in.

It’s kind of a big deal in our world to see something like this come to fruition

and know that other children who go through similar ongoing trauma, like Ivy,

can see that they accomplish amazingly brave things every day.

It’s something that they will be able to look at and know

that each needle, each procedure, was something that they overcame

and that through all of the ugliness of hospital, something wonderful can evolve from it.

It’s taken a lot of work, determination and organisation to make it happen

but it’s officially a thing now

and I am proud to have played a small part in it.

It wouldn’t have been possible without our  awesome play therapist and all of the nurses and specialists who worked on making it so

or without our wonderful friends at the high school,

which leaves me feeling very thankful indeed.

After the launch and after Ivy had recovered enough

she was presented with the first of her beads -

which was also kind of a big deal in our world

because it was nice to see the very thing I wanted for the children on our  little ward -

bringing happiness and courage and  a knowledge that through bravery  comes a certain kind of beauty

for our own brave girl as well.


with thanks to Dave for taking a million photos of the launch, so we didn’t have to miss out.

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7 Responses to “Bravery Beads.”

  • Kirsty Black:

    Awwww Tiff that is awesome news & something to be very proud of being a part of from the very beginning…………..you are an amazing, inspiring woman……….one that every day I take my hat off to for all that you achieve…………..keep up the great work wonderful lady xoxox

  • Bri:

    I have some beads I got for Ivy when you first mentioned this concept. Is it ok for me to send them to her?

  • Anne:

    Bravery beads for a brave young lady. You deserve every one of them multiplied by at least 100 Ivy…xx

  • Sass:

    This is amazing Tiff. So wonderful that out of all the awful things Ivy has had to go through, you guys are making the world a little bit more pretty and shiny. I’m pretty sure that right there, makes you super heroes.

  • Trish:

    Such an amazing good news story that should grace the cover of all media. You, Dave, ivy , your family and their peers are to be congratulated.

  • Jeanette (19 comments.):

    Such a cool idea :) and hope it’ll be a hit with the kids in the ward for years to come

  • Mum:

    It was such a shame, that even though you & Ivy were at the hospital for a different reason, you had to miss this special launch for such a worthwhile project bringing reward and recognition for kids who experience painful & traumatic procedures, like Ivy, and that you introduced and fought for so hard.

    The kudos is yours, with the support from the high school staff & students, pain therapist and medical staff, for making it all happen. I’m so proud of all that you do continuously to lighten the load of others & theirs who share like medical situations with you & Ivy.

    Here you are, sharing with everyone through this post and David’s photos, the joy of the launch, even though you & Ivy were not there to participate. I am sure you will be buoyed up in the knowledge that all the kids who need to come to Ivy’s little ward from time to time, will feel a little braver each & every time.

    Bravo and well done! xoxo

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