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Bright smiles, bright future.

This is a sponsored post.

one of my best years in primary school, with my favourite  2nd grade teacher.


School today is so different from when I was a student

waaaay back in the 70′s.

There was no such thing as jolly phonics or smart boards,

teachers were harsh, some of them mean almost -

they said exactly what was on their mind

and they often had this sink or swim mentality for us kids.

As for the uniforms, wow.

When I first started, the sports uniform was a royal purple ‘tunic’

with bright gold ‘bloomers’.


It then ‘progressed’ to the house coloured t-shirt and very short white shorts.

Very flattering for fledgling adolescents and their changing bodies.

Track suits were unheard of until the early 80′s.

The school I went to was a nice little school though, with lots of green paddocks and trees.

We had this enormous sandpit (uncovered, of course) and at the centre of it was a massive fire tree.

Another great thing about our school was the little dental unit that was on site.

Children were called from class for their check ups and taught good oral hygiene.

At the end you were given a little tube of Colgate toothpaste and a new toothbrush.

I’m not sure if it was a government initiative or something the school provided for the students

but I looked forward to going.

I liked hearing that I had a nice smile.

Colgate was a company that was very much a part of my growing up -

and it was Colgate products that were always used at the dentist.

Today, Colgate are still encouraging kids to practice good mouth care through their Bright Smiles, Bright Futures project.

As part of this project Colgate have released a Facebook Ap where you can reconnect with all of your old school friends

and go into the running to win a new iPad for you

and for your old school -

it’s kind of neat, don’t you think


if one thing hasn’t changed over the years it’s the friendships forged in school.

I know my own kids hold their school friends very close

and through Facebook, I’ve reconnected with many of the people I went to school with too

and have relived the memories of childhood together.


Can you guess which child in the photo is me (no cheating Mum).

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10 Responses to “Bright smiles, bright future.”

  • Megan:

    Spotted you and your gorgeous smile STRAIGHT away!!! You were and are still very beautiful! Will join the facebook page xxx

  • Jan:

    2nd row, third from right?

  • Kathy:

    Definitely third from the right, second row!

  • Fiona:

    Gosh Tiff!! We were all so little and innocent in this photo. Mrs Mac was the best teacher ever. This photo brings back heaps of memories. Glad you posted it. xxx

  • Denyse:

    I saw you straight away! Your smile is your giveaway!!

  • Dianne:

    How cute were you! Such a gorgeous smile I can see ivy in that smiling face

  • Mum:

    See, I didn’t have to say a thing! Your smile gives you away every time in every photo! :-)

    Anyone can see you in the second row, third from the right.

    You could also always boast a set of beautiful teeth and still can to this day, even after four pregnancies, which notoriously usually affect the health of teeth.
    So smile often and show them off whenever you can. xoxo

  • rachel:

    werent you just a lil cutie pie!

  • Grace (4 comments.):

    Gorgeous photo, Tiff! Love the pigtails! x

  • Vee (6 comments.):

    Ha I was right!

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