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Packing three and a bit weeks into one post and the reasons why.

My mum phoned me a few days ago and asked me if I had quit blogging.

I told her I didn’t know.

For the last three and a bit weeks I’ve  been weighing up the pros and cons

but between the two lists,

neither came out in front

and I wanted to be able to write when I felt like I could deal with any negative comments that might be thrown my way.

I wanted some time to grow some thicker skin.

Whether I have or not, I’m not sure.

It’s something that a lot of bloggers go through, it seems – the waxing and waning.

In those three weeks some amazing things have happened  -

Mal’s birthday for one,

the girl’s feet have grown for another. In fact, the girl has just grown altogether

and then there’s

catching up with some of our oldest friends,

an interview with ABC Newcastle about the importance of blood donation (but more so, meeting a group of over 80 people committed to donating blood in Ivy’s name),

having an article published on Mamamia for Starlight

and one published in Practical Parenting magazine for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service,

seeing one of my photos (and Ivy’s sweet face) published in some major national magazines for Starlight too

and finally there was this:

A live interview on channel nine’s Mornings show to support Starlight Day

which is tomorrow.

You can help by purchasing some merchandise from Myer or Big W (if you’re in Australia) or from any of the volunteers who will be around on the day

or you can make a donation through their website.

Money raised supports them in being able to help sick children Australia wide.


Channel nine have always been very good to Ivy and this was no different.

They seem to pride themselves on rallying for a cause and for us, that includes blood donation and Starlight)

I’m very thankful that they make time for these important organisations.


(Ivy loved being in hair and make-up)

Everyone was so very lovely and helped the small girl (and I) to feel at ease and made her feel as though she was very special indeed.

She especially loved talking to ‘the fashion police’ and the hair stylists

and loved Paula (who blogs here).

Paula was so beautiful with Ivy. It was lovely to see her coming out of her shell because of it.

We were also able to spend some time with the gorgeous Yvette, who has been such a big part of our journey

and who I have had the honour to know for a few years now through blogging and social media.

Mal and she got on very well.

Noah, who was insistent that he needed to be on TV too suddenly became very nervous when he and the other kids were invited onto the set

but he managed to wave to the viewers  anyway.

All in all it was a great morning and a wonderful opportunity ( Ivy and Rarfie are both feeling quite famous, right about now)

and there have been many other lovely days in between.

Of course along with all of the good there have been  some not so amazing things too -

a sick little girl,

an emergency hospital admission,

a fairly lack lustre recovery.

Worry for one of my girls and a starting of anti anxiety medication for her

and the sadness of losing another much loved relative.

One of Ivy’s special friends fighting for her life in the ICU

and watching her Mum (and my friend) go through hell as she waited and hoped for the very best outcome.

I thought about writing

but the words wouldn’t come

and so I left it

and enjoyed my kids being on school holidays

but the other day,

my mother said the one thing that made sense to me  about all of this blogging stuff.

This is a record.

It is documentation of how life has been over the last six and a bit years -

the good, the bad, the psychotic,

the happy, the lonely, the angry,

the grief, the thankfulness, the wonder -

it’s all here

and so I decided to sit behind my screen and write.

Like me or not -

that’s okay.

You might think I have the most depressing blog on the internet

or that I am attention seeking (or whatever other unkind thing you can think of )

and that’s okay

because this is what I need to do for me.

This is how I’m getting through life with a large family, including fostering my sister’s two boys,

living with a seriously ill little girl, all of the feelings and emotions that go along with it

and making the most of everything that I am blessed with too

and I want to keep a history of that.

Life is never smooth sailing. It’s full of ups and downs -

as are people’s emotions.

There are not many in this world who haven’t had a bad day

or a few in a row

or maybe had life get the better of them at some stage.

We all have our own stories to tell

and this is mine.



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43 Responses to “Packing three and a bit weeks into one post and the reasons why.”

  • Erin Harder:

    Never stop writing Tiffany. It’s a gift, and you are wonderful for it.
    I for one, am honoured and blessed to be able to be a part of your journey.

    Love from Canada

  • Jo:

    Thank you for sharing your journey (and Ivy’s). I love reading your blog and don’t find it depressing at all. Infact I think you, Ivy and all of your family are an inspiration! Seeing Ivy’s photo’s at the Childrens Hospital the other day, I felt like I knew her LOL. Please keep blogging, I missed you so much during your little abscence. Oh, and I LOVE your photo’s, you are amazingly talented, they are amazing! Jo

  • Claireyhewitt (42 comments.):

    I will always pop by to read your stories. Look at you guys all looking fabulous and on TV.

    When the bad comments come and haunt your mind just remember that I am here waiting to read what you put up, just exactly as you are. Honest.

  • Alison:



  • TG:

    Everytime I read your blog I think to myself – one day I want to be as amazing as her. You are inspiration to so many people Tiff.

  • Sue:

    Dearest Tiff, I’m sure your blog is like a sort of therapy for you and I think it’s better to get those words and feelings out rather than keep them bottled up inside. What is it they say? A problem shared is a problem halved or something? If all of us supporters can just share in what you’re going through hopefully it will lessen your load in some way.

    As for those no-sayers, grumblers, whingers – let them be them, they obviously have a huge chip on their shoulder. If they don’t like what they see they shouldn’t click and read – they have that choice. They obviously have no idea of what it’s like to go through crisis after crisis and live with sick children or adults. To be blunt …. bugger them!

    Concentrate on the much greater percent of us who love you, love your blog, love your family and want to be there to help you through it all.

    It was great to read such a full on, action packed post all squeezed into an incredibly short time. Breath in, now breath out all those horrible vibes and enjoy being with those of us who love and admire you – breath in all the love Tiff xxxxx

  • MFA Mama (51 comments.):

    Bravo! Well said.

  • Rachel:

    It certainly is a document of history. It’s a way to advocate and express. I personally am grateful for you sharing it with me. I have learnt things I never knew about and have been comforted in the fact that there is someone who has similar feelings to me.. We are not alone tiff! X
    Forget the haters, n thrive of those who love! Xx

  • Bella:

    Tiff how could u consider not blogging!!!

    You are such a good blogger. I came across yr blog nearly 2 yrs ago I think when I saw pictures of ivy at the Australian ballet which made me so happy!! At the time my son who is nearly 3 was in hospital most of the time. He has not been in hosp since aug last yr!!! Yeah!!!!When he was in the hospital it was such a hard time that a lot of other new mums around me did not understand! I felt so alone and helpless. When I found yr blog u blog how I felt and it gave me strength and courage!!! I will never ever forget it and how much it helped me!!! Thank you so much I love yr blog and amazing photography!!!!!!

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! You helped me via your blog !!!!! Thank you!!!!

  • Mary:

    I love you. Thank you for coming back :)

  • Veronica (703 comments.):

    I love you and I’m glad you’re back.

  • Michelle:

    I can’t get my head around the fact that people would criticise someone who puts the time and energy (and courage) into sharing their lives online. Reading blogs has become a significant part of my life and I’m grateful for people like you.

  • tricia (169 comments.):

    Welcome back!!! I applaud your strength, your bravery, and your determination to do what is best for you and yours regardless of the negative people.

  • Rhianna (11 comments.):

    It really is a good way to document what is going on. I sometimes think I should write about the kids more just so there is more of a record about them. fairy wishes and butterfly kisses, lovely, I for one love you and your blog.

  • Wendy S (9 comments.):

    I’m so glad you are going to keep writing.
    My daughter has an immune disease and needs fortnightly injections, we talk about Ivy and how brave she is almost every fortnight at injection time.
    My daughter is 18 but finding out you have a lifelong medical problem is hard at any age.
    I wish I knew Ivy was going to be on tv again, we enjoyed seeing her with Emma on the Today show.

  • Jennette:

    Please keep writing Tiff, for yourself, for record, for us. Whatever reasons… You have a way with typed words and a beautiful way with photos. I have my own stuff medical, emotional, mental and so on, but checking in on you makes me feel ….like I have a friend to worry about, and that’s good as I’m often rather absorbed in my own stuff. Don’t think I’m making much sense, but I’m not going to backspace over my words this time as you need to know that there are so many of us out here that consider you a friend and want to read your words no matter what they’re about. btw I think you do very well about covering the good as well as the bad, even though you shouldn’t have to. This blog is yours. To do with as you wish. Use it as you need it. But remember you have lots of friends in the blogsphere that can only send you their best wishes….and keep you and yours in their hearts. Hang in there Tiff.

  • Jenny:

    Ive missed seeing your blog, it is lovely to have you back.
    Lots of lovely pics there, I especially loved the excited face on Mal with the arms full of Lego.

  • Mum:

    That’s my girl!!!!! I am so proud of you being able to overcome all the hurt & despair you feel (and, I know, that you always will) from venomous naysayers and to continue recording your life’s journey.

    You, and you alone, deserve complete credit for making the brave decision to continue this journal, despite all criticism. Keep writing for YOU (as I know you must) and try to remain impervious and steadfast, regardless of the critics. Just keep the thought that while anyone has the right to free speech in open forums, these judgements are their issues, not yours, and you have the right and power to block or delete anything you take exception to on YOUR blog.

    Bravo! Well done! Love always. xoxo

  • Hall:

    Glad you’re back, Tiff. I really don’t understand the motivation of those that are getting you down. Many of us care about you and your family and we appreciate that you tell it like it is. We sure wish things were easier for you, but we appreciate your sharing your life with us.

  • Kathryn:

    Welcome back Tiff xx

  • Dianne (35 comments.):

    I love your story, your family, your honesty, your courage and your joy in being a mother and l love reading about it all.

  • katepickle:

    So many beautiful words and images ( haven’t your older girls all grown into beautiful young women!) and regardless of what any may say or think, nothing else matters but your family and your story. Much love

  • Fiona (115 comments.):


  • leah:

    You have a gorgeous family tiff, love seeing them in the one picture :)

  • Renae Craft:

    I love reading your blogs Tiff and i think it’s great to keep a record of all your ups and downs. When Sam was in hospital I used to write about what happened every day but a soon as we got home i stopped but i have always wished that i had continued.

  • janet:

    love and blessings from Massachusetts xxxx

  • alicia (26 comments.):

    glad you are writing again! I agree, blogging is documentation, regardless of the neg comments, this is YOUR space and a space you can look back on one day and love and appreciate all the stories, history and love written here.

  • tiffany day (7 comments.):

    Hi Tiff! I have been wondering how you were and how things were going! I am so happy to see your update!

    I am sorry for the unfortunate yucky stuff — and of course happy with all the good things you guys have been up to!

    I agree with you on blogging – its a documenation – and you should do it for yourself and no one else! I am still so surprised when I hear about bloggers getting negative comments — I just don’t thinkI would or could leave a negative comment – if I do read something that I don’t agree with on any blog, I just click away and I try not to judge even in my mind – because we never know the WHOLE story and we should never make assumptions about people’s lives!

    Anyway, those eyes of Ivy’s – gorgeous!!! You have such a lovely family Tiff!!

    Much love to you and a big hug too!

    xoTiffany :)

  • Angela:

    Welcome back Tiff.
    I read your blog almost daily but am not a leaver of comments. This is YOUR blog and the journey of you and your family. There were always nasty, opinionated and narrow minded women at the school gate or over the back fence, who were very self righteous and full of venom. Their daughters and grand-daughters are now on the internet.
    And please God I will never be one of them. You and your family have had a rough road to travel, and you have done it together and with dignity. I know it is not easy to ignore their spite and venom, but PLEASE be aware there a lot of us who don’t comment, but admire you and say a little prayer for you and all the family.
    If it is your choice to continue your blog, there is an Angela in rural Queensland, following you, admiring you and your family, and with the occassional prayer. Take care.

  • BW akaBarbara from boston:

    Hi Tiff, You and yours have been missed. I am so glad you are continuing to write here. ” If people don’t have something good to say they should keep it to themselves.” That portrait of Ivy is gorgeous. All the kids are growing big. Nice to see pictures of you too. XXOO

  • Lucy:

    and yours is an inspiration. You’re a fabulous woman. We could try and analyse why some people feel it is necessary to be unkind with their remarks but to be honest, thats not time well spent. Please keep doing what you do. At any one time, someone, somewhere, out there needs to hear what you have to say. x x x

  • Maryam:

    Your writing is beautiful, you’re incredible and I feel so inspired and in awe of everything that goes in your life. I love you, we the blogging community love you. Do what’s best for you, but I really hope you feel the love, honesty when we tell you, you are amazing, beautiful and courageous. There is no sadness in your posts. please don’t stop.

  • Jeanette (45 comments.):

    Yay glad you’re back and I completely agree with your mom.
    That’s exactly why I blog… it’s not about everyone else… it’s about my/our story

  • Megan:

    TIFF…. .there are some depressing blogs out there, for sure, but this is NOT one of them. Inspirational… YES, beautiful… YES, sensitive… YES, emotional… YES, awareness raising… YES.. but NOT depressing or negative. Keep going, and you’ll have your book (the one Im on you to write), which will be a blessing for your family, generations to come. Keep it up, it also helps other people. Forget the bullies, that reflects only on them, not on you. Lots of love always xxxxx

  • Watershedd (58 comments.):

    You forgot to say that people may think you are inspiring, tenacious, human, a lioness. You forgot to say that your family, your husband are your life, your soul, your reason and your dreams. Your forgot to say that despite the harshness or the comments of other or the judgement of those who think they know, no-one knows unless they have walked in your shoes, lived your life, had your experiences. And you get to spend each day with your dreams. Never mind the naysayers, Tiff. There’s no such thing as normal – normal is what you make it. If others don’t like your kind of normal, there’s plenty of other who do, starting in your own four walls (but a few more beyond too!). Have an awesome weekend with your dreams.

  • Roberta:

    I have missed you. To those that leave negative comments….. I can’t help but wonder how perfect they must be and how special they must think they are! the heck with them!!! I love your blog, and I truly think you are inspiring and amazing. And your family is awesome! You rock on girl! We who love you will always be here for you!

  • Lisa:

    Good for you! Your mum is right, it is a record. And I appreciate your keeping it. I had checked back again and again with worry in my heart that things weren’t going well for you to have stepped away from the blog. I am relieved to know that through the ups and downs of the last three weeks, at least you and your family are still hanging in there. Thank you for your writing. Sending well wishes your way.

  • valarie k. (5 comments.):

    I have followed your blog since Ivy was just a tiny one. I have felt a kinship with you, over the land and seas and known that someone, somewhere, felt the same way I have, raising children with CVID.
    That isn’t an easy thing to come by.
    You are a writer, and you should write. It is your gift.
    I am also a writer.
    And reading your blog, and hearing your written voice, has inspired me to forge into the world of blogging, myself.
    You have encouraged me to push forth with my own dreams….because raising four children (three with CVID) makes it easy to lose my sense of ME.
    Your words have encouraged me to keep going, and now I have my first published article coming out in a magazine. (Yay me!).
    Your words have worth, they make a change, and they give a voice to those of us struggling through a difficult time with those four little letters that have turned our lives upside down.
    Thanks, Tiff. And please don’t stop.

    P.S. Sometimes the pictures you post of Ivy catch my breath. She is so incredibly, stunningly beautiful.

  • Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo (274 comments.):

    I adore you my friend.

  • Jan:

    Your blog depressing? Never! Some hard times along the way? Certainly. Ah, but the smiles on your kids’ faces! Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. Selfishly I would be disappointed not to continue reading about your journey.

  • debz:

    Great to hear from you, Tiff!

  • Renae Wales:

    I am glad you’re back. I missed you and your family!

  • Emily:

    Thank you for telling your story. I truly enjoy reading it. You have a lovely family- blessings.

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