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How to decide whether a boy is good enough for your sister.

Noah: so, tell me about him.

Immy: well, his name is ["Fred"]

Noah: aaaaaand?

Immy: and he’s my friend

Noah: aaaand?

Immy: and nothing. That’s it. Why, what else did you need to know?

Noah: well, is he a super hero, or something?

Can he shoot fire from his fists?

Can he fly?

Immy: No, Noah but he can sing.

Noah: Um, sorry, if he hasn’t got super powers then he’s ┬ájust not good enough for you.


Noah – ┬áthe ultimate judge in boyfriends.




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14 Responses to “How to decide whether a boy is good enough for your sister.”

  • cilla:

    Glad to see he’s looking out for his sister

  • Dianne Nunn (24 comments.):

    very sweet

  • anne:

    hahahaha…..I agree with Noah…superpowers are entirely necessary in a partner…

  • Mary:

    High standards, Noah! Now to hear what he wants in a girlfriend…

  • Mum:

    Noah may not consider a lack of super powers an appropriate choice of boy for his sister but what if Immy thinks ["Fred'] is HER super hero? :-)

    Might that not change Noah’s estimation? ;-)

  • Kim @ Frog Ponds Rock (88 comments.):

    These are all VERY important questions.

  • Rachel:

    lol classic.. love it

  • Elizabeth (3 comments.):

    Has Noah been watching Scott Pilgrim?

    I think I need to go home and have a long think about my choice of boyfriend! I mean, he doesn’t even have a cape.

  • Tiff (118 comments.):

    bwahahahaha! Elizabeth! I love your comment ;) Who is Scott Pilgrim?

  • Elizabeth (3 comments.):


    Scott Pilgrim is a series of graphic novels, and a few years ago it was made into a movie starring Michael Cera. It’s a story about a kid who falls head over heels with a girl, but in order to be with her he has to defeat her seven evil exes. Pretty much everybody in the movie has video game style superpowers and it’s just generally awesome.

    If I watched Scott Pilgrim as a kid I would expect my big sister’s boyfriend to a) shoot fire from his fists; or b) collect 100 gold coins every time he landed a punch.

    … yeah, he’s probably a little bit too young for this movie. But one day he will love it!

  • river (194 comments.):

    Nothing but the best for MY sisters, is probably what Noah is thinking.

  • Kirsty Black:

    Way to go Noah………………I too would think your sisters boyfriends should be pretty super to date them!

  • Jackie:

    Onya Noah!!

  • Grace (4 comments.):

    Oh, bless, bless, BLESS!!! And this is where it all begins! No one will be good enough for his sister…ever! :) xxx

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