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Dear friends,

I just want to say that if I have in *any* way given any one of you the impression that I am a perfect person, I apologise.

I am *far* from perfect.

I am human.

I mess up, I make mistakes, I say and obviously write the wrong things at times.

Some days I am a bad parent – I can be lazy, abrupt with the kids sometimes, say things to upset them.

I have down days, where I feel sorry for myself over and above everybody else, just like any other person and yes, I over think things.

I offend other people sometimes,

put my foot in my mouth often

and easily become hurt by what others say (or write) to me.

I often feel lonely and making real friendships (and keeping them) is something I find very very hard.

I currently have two women friends, who I *think* would stick by me through everything and none of them live locally to me.

I’m sorry if yesterday’s post offended you and yes, I could have worded things differently.

Just for the record; I never said I resented my children’s need to grow up – quite the opposite in fact.

I encourage them to do so,

even though I am wistful about it sometimes.

I am the first to acknowledge that they struggle with life as it is.

I do not need to be constantly reminded that they struggle because it is something that is always on my mind but I do thank you for caring about the kids

and  that I might forget that at times.

Like I said, I am not perfect.

Please, if you don’t like my blog or what I write just click away.

There is already so much hatred in this world and I, for one, do not need any more of it in my life.

My blog is a place that I can go to write.

It started as a space to express myself because I had PND and has continued on in the same vein for six years.

For however long I choose to post to the blog – it will probably be the same.

If that offends you in any way there are plenty of other blogs out there for you to read, if you are so inclined.

I always teach my kids about choices.

You have the right to choice as well.

You can choose to read or not.

You can choose to comment and pick out my every single flaw

or not.

You can choose.

All I ask is that you consider your choices and take responsibility for them, just as I would expect of my children

and of myself.


Kind regards,

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