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As they stepped into the second grade.


She said;

‘Don’t do my hair like that. It makes me look like a baby


‘I haven’t grown enough to be taller than the kindy kids and everyone will tease me for being small still’


‘I don’t want to be in a new class, with new kids who are just going to stare at me all day’


‘what if the new teacher doesn’t know that I get sick, what happens then’

and when the tears started to fall,

after she had released all of that pent up stress, she said the truest thing of all;

‘I’m just nervous, I guess’.


He said;

‘Don’t worry Ivy. Whatever happens I’ll be there to look after you’

and he was

and the morning went just fine

especially when their names were called

to find they were going to be with their most favourite teacher of all

as they stepped into the second grade.

The girl’s eyes relaxed and a small hint of a smile skirted across her face

and Noah,


he might have fist pumped the air.

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27 Responses to “As they stepped into the second grade.”

  • Kirsty Black:

    That is awesome news Tiff………just as a first day should be!!!!

  • Kathy:

    What a fabulous first day.

  • Pixie:

    Woohoooo! Go Ivy and Noah

  • Jan:

    What a great day. Happy that your little ones are okay with it all.

  • Jan:

    Aw ……….

  • Sue Cooke:

    How wonderful they were BOTH able to be there for the first day back at school. Even more wonderful that they had such a happy day – I hope there will be many many more!!

  • Kerry:

    That bought a tear of happiness to my eye for You, Ivy and Noah! xo

  • Mum:

    Ice broken, anxiety gone, all’s well that ends well and a new school year has begun.

    Such a great start for enjoying a new learning experience with a teacher they know and like.

    BTW, love this back-to-school pic! Just lovely! xoxo

  • Deeanne:

    Just beautiful Tiff, have a wonderful day Noah and Ivy :)

  • Glowless (53 comments.):

    Nawwwww xxx

  • Leanne H:

    Just adding to the awwwwwww’s! That’s cool :D

  • Tash:

    Brilliant! So happy for them. Xo

  • Carolyn:

    So very sweet!. What a lovely brother!. A credit to you honey…oh, an you made me cry…again xxx

  • Vanessa:

    We (adults) can learn something from this. So beautiful x

  • Lynda M O (9 comments.):

    Your children are a credit to the way they have been brought up and you have so many reasons to be proud of them each and every day. Memories flooded back for me while i read this this evening; my school days, those of my daughter, the children I have nannied and loved beyond words, and those i haven’t met yet who will fill my arms, my home, and my heart with their individual selves.

    Thank you for sharing your lives with us; I learn something nearly every time you write a new post.

  • Sheri:

    Oh my goodness….I have read your blog for years but have to comment on this one. That picture is priceless! I just love it. You do a great job of Mothering and I am sorry it has taken me so long to come and say that! I love how Noah is such a great big brother and that comes from good parenting. You and Hubby keep up the good work.

  • Becka:

    Dayum…this made me tear up and for all the right reasons Tiff. So glad your precious pair have had such a good start to the year. Just the fact that big girl Ivy is well enough to start with her brother is a fabulous effort :)

  • Lesley W:

    Lovely story Tiff. Have fun in year 2 guys!

  • rachel:

    hahahaha loving this! God love Noah, so simply makes it all okay!!
    Im so happy they had a great first day after a lil bit of upset morning..

  • Jeanette (18 comments.):

    Love the little smile :) glad they’re in the same class

  • Kate:

    They are so gorgeous.

  • river (193 comments.):

    Love the fist pump!
    That’s a sweet photo.

  • Susan:

    That. Is. Beautiful. Found your blog just yesterday and I remember seeing Ivy on the advertising when I gave blood. How sweet that she came with a brother to walk right beside her. That is love. Gorgeous picture.

  • suzie (2 comments.):

    Arent they beautiful. What an amazing picture

  • Carly Findlay (5 comments.):

    What a beautiful post. The love between those two is womdeful – thank you for posting.
    Glad their day went well.

  • Anne:

    Im loving these two. Noah such a caring brother and Ivy so sweet with that gorgeous hair of hers. That smile says buckets. You just want to hug the pair of them! I am so glad they got the teacher they liked. It makes all the difference. xx

  • cat@jugglingact (10 comments.):

    Oh it is a beautiful picture

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