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watch this space

Thank you.

Somedays I don’t like people.

The selfish,


mean things that we do to each other -

the cruelty to race, creed and kind,

it makes my heart hurt

and then there are days when I love humanity.

A selfless gift,

a helping hand for someone who is struggling -

people who can see beyond their own troubles

people who haven’t got a lot but give all they can

and just like that I feel blessed.

Like yesterday;

when  I went out to a work site to thank a  prodominantly male population from Hunter Expressway Alliance

for pledging and donating blood for Ivy -

men and women who gave blood in such large numbers that they saved over 1000 lives doing so.

I stood, looking out on this sea of (no longer) strangers who had given their hearts away to my girl

and had done something so beautiful

that when I came to thank them

I was brought to tears.



hard working men

with their loud laughter and big smiles

genuinely cared for Ivy

and it felt like she was being carried,

and like I needed to see,

to understand this conundrum of humans

and to believe again in the good of others.

When I came home some friends had picked up on my wanting to raise money for  the Starlight Christmas Mission

and it had been shared on social media

and on blogs.

By lunchtime we had reached halfway to our goal

and by early afternoon we were there.


this evening we are over double our original target.

Friends are still donating

and tonight, at this time of year,

I am feeling so thankful for people  -

so grateful to all of you out there,

who help to restore my faith

and I feel lucky to be a part of it all.



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8 Responses to “Thank you.”

  • Rachel:

    your welcome x
    people can be honest, geniune, caring n simply good!

  • Melissa Mitchell (42 comments.):

    I’m so happy that you’ve inspired so many people. You and your family – you deserve that feeling. It’s hard not to be inspired to donate, even a little when I can’t forget what your twin girls decided they wanted to do for their birthdays. Your entire family inspires me. Those girls, they’re something magical, Tiff. You’re raising 4 amazing, strong, inspirational young women. And then those swoon worthy, sweet boys of yours….

    My wish for 2013?

    Health for Ivy. Peaceful, happy days filled with laughter at HOME for your family.
    NED all Year for Trish (My Two Drummer Boys).
    NED for Harvey (http://harveythecourageouslion.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/on-our-toes.html)

  • Veronica (703 comments.):

    Merry Christmas Tiff. xxx

  • Mum:

    This post epitomises “goodwill toward men” and is what the human spirit is all about. Goodness will always conquer evil because the human heart & soul must always strive to balance man’s inhumanity to man.

    Whatever a person’s belief, it has been my observation for such a long time, that the spirit of Christmas always seems to bring out the generosity of the human spirit.

    Here is proof that the magic of the season is still alive & well! xoxo

  • Dianne:

    Love it! The photo of Ivy with all the burly workmen behind her brought tears to my eyes for some reason. Glad you have felt how much people care. Merry Christmas xxxx

  • river (194 comments.):

    Merry Christmas!
    I truly hope 2013 is a much happier and healthier year for Ivy and all of you.
    So great that you doubled your target!

  • Tamara King:

    Thank you so much for coming out to site, today we have over 70 people booked in – 20 of them first timers……..and tomorrow the same……Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…..xxxxx

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