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watch this space

Pretty lucky.

I will write all about Ivy and Noah’s birthday one day soon.

It was a day that I won’t really forget in a while

or want to forget

and I think it’s a day the twins will hold onto for a long time.

I might write about how sick Ivy was and how this infection knocked her around more than usual.

I will possibly recount how Ivy ended up in surgery on Sunday

and how they found that the lump they said was nothing last month, was of course,

way more than nothing

and how thankful I am for the medical team that we have finally settled on

and how the nephrologist appointment was useless and a waste of everyone’s time over the next few posts,

just to get it all out of my system

but not tonight.

Tonight we are home.

With the help of the amazing new doctor (who isn’t really all that new anymore)


after years of my asking

was able to get through all of the policy and procedure red tape hoopla

so that I could take the girl home with a cannula in her wrist

to give her IV antibiotics here

instead of staying in the hospital for another two weeks.

It means more than I can say, right now.

I’m tired and spent from all of the emotional energy

this admission has stolen from me -

from my family

and I’m not sure that it really means much to anyone else but me

but we’re home -

with home visits planned

and a bit of back and forthing to the hospital for the next fortnight

but I can be with all of my kids,

take the pressure off Dave and my Mum

and Ivy can be comfortable and happy here.

It’ll be worth the trade off.

I feel pretty lucky tonight.



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18 Responses to “Pretty lucky.”

  • Veronica (703 comments.):

    So thankful that you can do this. Go your new doctor!

  • PlanningQueen (11 comments.):

    You sound so relieved. Hope all stays good Tiff.

  • Kakka:

    What wonderful news, to know you are all home now. I don’t comment often, but think of your whole family every day and send lots of healing love and light every time I do. xxx

  • jeanie (226 comments.):

    Yay for blessed doctor who made it possible – and yay for you and all of your family for the joy of all being together.

  • Jennifer Barrett:

    So pleased that Ivy is home with her family!!!! You are an amazing woman Tiff!

    Lots of prayers coming your families way!!!!

    Andrew and Jennifer xx

  • river (194 comments.):

    There’s no place like home.
    There’s no place like home.
    There’s no place like home.

  • Rhianna (11 comments.):

    That is wonderful to hear. May every one sleep well in their own beds tonight. May your dreams be filled with fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

  • Dianne Nunn (38 comments.):

    wonderful news

  • Glowless (53 comments.):

    A good doctor is worth their weight in gold. So happy you’re home x

  • Siobhan Johns:

    Aaaaaand – Breathe! xo

  • SassyCupcakes:

    That’s awesome. Awful that your littlest gorgeous girl isn’t well, but it sounds like you’ve got a bit more room to breathe. :)

  • BW aka Barbara from Bostoncg:

    That is the most beautiful portrait of Ivy at seven. You are an exceptional photographer, Tiff. Happy birthday to all. XX

  • Rachel:

    Gotta love a management that actually suits the whole involved!

  • Sarah Young (1 comments.):

    Thanks Tiff for posting this. My daughter loves to dress up like that too.

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    and vote at http://www.voteabigail.org

  • Mary:

    I love a ‘good news’ post. Ivy’s recovery seems faster, and she looks better overall, than she has after the last few admissions. It makes so much sense for her to have antibiotics at home…apart from everything else, she won’t be exposed to all the nasty hospital germs.

  • Pixie (213 comments.):

    Yah! It’s about time!

  • Jennette:

    So glad you are both home.
    Ivy looks such the gorgeous little princess. A true beauty inside and out.

  • Mum:

    So happy for all concerned that a solution has been found to finally allow ongoing treatment at home.

    It absolutely has to be the right decision, where both you & Ivy must be more comfortable and less stressed in the familiar home environment. Thank goodness there is a special kind of doctor who is taking a holistic approach and realises that Ivy will continue to heal better with her normal routines & family around her and a mum who is far less stressed.

    It can only be hoped that the ongoing home treatment of IV antibiotics for a prolonged time frame this time will also prolong the need for further admissions to hospital for recurring infections and inhibit the development of additional abcesses and thereby remove the threat of further surgery.

    Here’s to some good news and the promise of a well earned successful result! xoxo

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