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On the eve of seven.


We’ve done birthdays and anniversaries in hospital before,

Easter and almost Christmas too

but this is the first time since Ivy and Noah were born

that we’ve celebrated their birthday here.

It’s a little bit sad,

kind of symbolic

but not altogether miserable.

The nurses and the new doctor have been wonderful -

I cannot fault their care for the girl

and all of our friends, who we’ve come to know on this journey

have wished the pair a happy day.

Noah is arriving tonight for a sleepover with his sister

and breakfast has been organised

so that when they wake they are together.

Just as it should be.

I mean, it’s not perfect or ideal

but we’re making the best of it all.

The Captains from Starlight, who reside in our hospital

have come for the last two days to decorate Ivy’s room

and make her laugh

and Ivy gets better and stronger each day.

Seven used to be my favourite number before William died

and then it wasn’t

but I still love this age.

This funny,


whimsical age

where they wonder at the world

and everything is like a new adventure.

I love them too.

On the day they were born I wondered what it would be like,

how I would be

with two tiny babies to care for along with my grief

and my five other sweethearts who needed me too

but they’ve been my completion, really.

They are my biggest adventure so far.

So happy birthday, my gorgeous pair.

I hope seven is as exciting as you are to me

and as wonderful as ice cream and pancakes

with sweet, sticky syrup on your birthday morning.

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16 Responses to “On the eve of seven.”

  • Glowless (53 comments.):

    Happy birthday Noah and Ivy! I’m so glad you get to have a sleepover x

  • Wendy S (9 comments.):

    Happy Birthday Ivy and Noah! So glad you get to be with each other!

  • SassyCupcakes:

    Such beautiful little people. Happy 7th Birthday Ivy & Noah!

  • Karen:

    A big happy 7th birthday to Ivy and Noah. So glad they are able to be together on their birthday..

  • jeanie (226 comments.):

    Happy 7th birthday to Noah and Ivy!!! It is wonderful that they are getting to have a sleepover tonight – I wish that it were elsewhere, of course, but there is the next best place.

  • Leanne H:

    Have an awesomely Happy Birthday together…..mmmmm pancakes too! Excellent!

  • Mel (1 comments.):

    I’m sure that now that they are together, and will get to wake up in the same place on their birthday, it will be a magical day.
    I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow despite the circumstances.

    Noah & Ivy are wonderful children, as are all of your children, a true credit to you and David.

    Happy birthday Noah & Ivy! I hope your day is as amazing as you both are.

  • Jennifer & Andrew Barrett:

    Happy 7th birthday Noah and Ivy…..have a great sleepover and breakfast!

  • alicia (26 comments.):

    happy birthday sweet Ivy and dear Noah!

  • Rachel:

    Yay for the sleepover … Happy birthday Noah n Ivy xx

  • Mum:

    Celebrate & enjoy being together for your birthday breakfast in the place that you were born 7 years ago!

    Happy Birthday, Ivy & Noah! Many happy returns!

    Happy birthing day, darling girl! xoxo

  • Amy:

    Happiest of birthdays to them. With lots of love. xxx

  • Kate:

    Happy birthday darling Ivy and Noah – thank you for bringing us so much joy!

  • Tash:

    Happy happy 7th birthday to you both!! Might not seem like the best place for a sleepover but a hospital is the first place you slept together in the world so might be a fun twist to be camping out there to celebrate. (lame attempt to put a positive spin?) hope you have a delicious breakfast xoxo

  • Liz:

    Happiest of happy birthdays to my two most favorite 7 year old twinnies! Hugs to both of them, and to you too! Hard to believe the Fairy Princess/Superhero party was only a year ago.

  • Dianne:

    Happy birthday to a pair of gorgeious 7 year olds!

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