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My most favourite photo ever.


I have lots of photos.

My walls are lined with them at home

and most are of my kids wrapped up in each other.

I love so many of them – what and who they capture.

An emotion, a feeling, a moment

but this is my favourite one

that I’ve ever taken.

It’s my happy place.


Do you have an all time favourite photo?

I’m joining in I heart faces this week. Their theme is hugs and kisses.

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34 Responses to “My most favourite photo ever.”

  • Sue:

    Oh yeah, sooo cute! I do have one very favourite – just not sure how to post it here!

  • Tiff (117 comments.):

    Sue, I’d love to see it. You could put it up on the facebook page, perhaps?

  • Deb @ Bright & Precious (32 comments.):

    I can never decide which is my favourite. Your picture is SO beautiful. You are an amazing photographer, Tiff. x

  • kelsey peebles (1 comments.):

    Absolutely love this!

  • Erin (1 comments.):

    This is the cutest picture I have ever seen, LOVE!!!

  • Laura:

    I can see why you love it! I love the lighting and the colors. The expression on her face is priceless! Just perfect.

  • Mum:

    Have to agree, one of my favourites, too. So natural and the light just speaks summer!

  • Buckeroomama (2 comments.):

    I can totally see why that would be your favorite. :)

  • Helen (1 comments.):

    So, so cute!

  • Sam:

    aww so gorgeous!

  • Renae (17 comments.):

    OMG, I love all your photos, but you’re right, this one takes the cake! Do you have a lovely lens with a shallow d.o.f or do you photoshop the bground? If ps, how may I ask, I am self taught and some things are hard to figure out.Your shots always inspire me to try harder with my pix on my blog. Again, well done!

  • Lyndal (4 comments.):

    oh my goodness, that pic is ADORABLE!

  • river (193 comments.):

    that’s a gorgeous photo!
    I have so many favourites, I’d find it impossible to choose just one “all-time” fave.

  • Nicole (SportyMummy) (7 comments.):

    That is one fantastic picture! I love their expressions …but I also love how they are on the railway tracks together…just as they are making their journey in life together…just beautiful!

  • Danielle (23 comments.):

    Oh my I absolutely love this photo! It is perfection caught forever! Just gorgeous!!! Thanks for your comment on my blog…have you done posts about the elimination diet, or how you started? Do you have any advice for me? This is so overwhelming for me at the moment. We have had such a good year (winter) with him and htis has totally thrown me out of balance. So anything you would like to share would be such a blessing

  • Meagan (1 comments.):

    That is the most precious thing ever! :) Just the genuine honesty and love there is beautiful! Awesome job on the photo :) well…awesome does not even begin to describe it!

  • Lisa:

    LOVE this… priceless!

  • BW aka barbara from boston:

    Adorable picture. These two are too cute. What a memory this will make for you, and for them. I don’t have much use for pictures of me. Try to avoid photographs, but just give me a camera and I will take pictures forever. Angels favorite of me is this dorky picture taken in a pool in Las Vegas – purple swim capand suit and grinning like a loon. Can’t stand it! LOL

  • tiff (117 comments.):

    Renae, thank you fo rthe lovely compliment. I use a Canon DSLR with the 50mm fixed lens, with a 1.4 aperture at it’s most shallow, although I tend to sit on 1.8 for portraits. I have other lenses that I use for groups and if I’m going for a wider angle but my 50mm is my best portrait lens. It’s not my favourite. Canon has a 1.2 50mm, which I really really love but can’t afford. The one I have is great though. I also use photoshop and I love Barb Uil’s (Jinky Art) actions for CS3 as favourite go to editing. I hope that helps you. I’m self taught too. I received my first DSLR in 2004 and just didn’t put the camera down after that, although I always loved photography – got my first little brownie camera when I was ten and drove my Mum mad with the amount of film I went through!

  • Kathryn Grace (1 comments.):

    TOO cute!

  • Mandy (17 comments.):

    Any wonder, that is just gorgeous.

  • kelley @ magnetoboldtoo (274 comments.):


    I am getting one of my favourites – a bunch of weeds that Boo picked me when I was crying – mounted on canvas for my birthday.

  • Renae (17 comments.):

    Thanks for your tips! We have the same equipment! You inspired me to stop being lazy and shooting on auto, put the camera on AP and click away-much better results! Now I just have to stop using auto focus and I might get a few more successful shots.
    Thanks again,
    Renae x

  • What sweet kiddos you’ve got! This photo is beautiful!

  • Michele Q (1 comments.):

    Ah what great emotion captured!

  • Sam:

    I can see why it’s your favourite! Lovely :)

  • Stacey Clark:

    Perfection in every way. Congratulations.

  • Buckeroomama (1 comments.):

    Congrats on being in the Top 10! =)

  • Kris:

    Awesome picture! LOVE it!

  • Yvonne (1 comments.):

    What a beautiful shot! I can see why its a favorite! So much cuteness and true emotion!!

  • Rebecca Doyle Photography (2 comments.):

    Saw this pic on ‘I Heart Faces’, and knew it in an instant! It was the first photo of yours that I saw on the 365 site, and started following you from the point on (I’m CanberraBec :) !) I’m new to the blogging world and discovering all sorts of fun things to read and wonderful people that I am inspired by.
    And I still love, love, love this photo! And can see why you do too :D

  • Life with Kaishon (1 comments.):

    This is your favorite ever and you WON! Yay for you! Congratulations. This picture is all sorts of sweet. I love it : )

  • Kelly (2 comments.):

    Oh, it’s my favourite ever too, and they are not even my kids! xx

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