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The church on the hill.

The church on the hill is haunted.

At least, that is the folk law.

It sits on the hill and I pass it almost every day

and sometimes I walk by it.

The big kids shudder and tell me not to go near,

that there is a ghost, who looks through the keyhole

if you dare to peek inside.

I’ve never looked.

I’m not sure if I believe in ghosts

but  I believe in history and apparently this building has one

or at least, there is a story to its existence.

One about a fire and somebody being caught in there.

I  do believe that there is an eery feeling that cloaks the little church.

A few weeks ago we walked up there and as we approached the inside lights flickered on and off

and the church began to exude a burnt, smokey smell.

Enough to make your nose wrinkle and sting a bit.

Enough to give me goosebumps as I walked away,

or rather as the kids pulled me, both arms, hurriedly.

Too shaken to look back.

I’m not sure if it’s true,

if it is haunted

but I could swear I heard the bell ringing in the still of the night

and it made me wonder if the stories were real.


Do you believe in ghosts?


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8 Responses to “The church on the hill.”

  • Mum:

    Yes, no…….well maybe! or perhaps it’s just some vivid image in the mind that seems so real it has to be unreal or at least, unexplained. It seems to me that ghosts always seem to materialise after some sadness or tragedy, so is it just our mind’s eye conjuring a vision or is it, in reality, a lost & restless spirit, dissatisfied with the afterlife and unresolved issues from a former life, trying to return to make it right? Who can know the answer? I do believe that the soul or spirit is released from the body and can manifest in unexpected & inexplicable feelings. Belief or disbelief in ghosts or spirits is, and always will be, serious food for thought. xoxo

  • Susan, Mum to Molly:

    Having spent the night at Milson Island when it was just being converted to a Sport & Rec camp amongst many many restless spirits, I would say definitely yes. Very very creepy.

  • BW aka Barbara from Boston (21 comments.):

    A friend grew up in a house that had several ghosts, all with distinct personalities. Most were benign, one was benevolent, stroking the kids heads when they went to bed upset. There was a baby that cried. When it did they heard distinct footsteps move to that baby who then stopped. The house was exorcised three times by the Catholic Church. The spirits continued to inhabit the house.

  • Bec (3 comments.):

    ooooh that’s a good one! I love ghost stories (but not at night) and I do believe in ghosts/spirits. We’ve lived in a few houses where things have been strange and I whole heartedly believe my grandfather’s spirit is around me, especially when I’m pregnant or things are difficult. I used to see him out of the corner of my eye when I was having the girls, just as a blurry sort of white figure and the feeling that that is who it was.

    This morning even I have having trouble getting Abi to sleep and worrying about some other things and I felt someone touch me on the side. So much so that I thought it was Erin and looked up, Erin was too far away and playing her ipod so it wasn’t her.

    We’ve also lived in a few houses where things went “bump in the night”. One house used to belong to an elderly woman who’d died in her sleep and hadn’t been found for three weeks. Her bedroom became mine and even though there was nothing wrong with the latch the door used to pop open at night by itself–during the it was fine.

    There are others, but I don’t want to turn this isn’t a novel :)

  • Marylin (173 comments.):

    Yes I do believe. When I moved to where I am now, I kept seeing a cat out of the corner of my eye, but ours would be right next to me. He also notices someone/something on the stairs often, next to the washing machine, and in the living room. My friend is very receptive to seeing/feeling these type of things. She’s seen the figure of an old man, but he seems happy to have us here I think. Our house was made in the late 1800s, and it’s a typical size for a family home. I imagine families growing up in this household, and now we’re doing the same. :)
    Since my best friend passed away this summer, I’ve felt like she’s here with me too. Whether it’s all in my mind or not, I like the idea and the way it makes me feel.

  • Kirrily (19 comments.):

    No. I don’t. Well.. I do know there is energy that can be ‘left’ in a place/space, but I don’t call it ghosts, anyway! ;) I see and feel things all the time in this house. It’s something you can actually hone (or not) if you want to. But I wouldn’t call them ghosts – it just seems there is such a stigma attached to these other things that are sometimes inexplicable, you know?

  • Jayne (197 comments.):

    Yep, I believe.
    There’s….something like a memory or a faded echo of the person, I don’t think there’s any malice, just a record playing the same piece over and over.

  • river (87 comments.):

    Yes, I believe too.I also know that ghostly happenings like the flickering lights and smoky smell can be made through mechanical means and triggered by walking over a concealed wire or passing through an electrical beam set up to purposely trigger these things to keep the mystery going.
    Me? I’d be walking right up to that church and maybe going inside if it wasn’t locked, just to see for myself.

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