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How do you define a holiday? ( ‘Kidspot Top 50 Blog Your Way To Dunk Island’ )


It’s Winter here.

It’s cold

and my mind and heart likes to imagine the wonderful warmth of the sun and the ocean

and the deep blue of a cloudless sky.

I think about escape and a place where I can relax

but I’m wondering how do you define  a good  holiday?

I was talking with the kids

and their response was “one that creates amazing memories”.

So wise, those kids of mine.

They sat there, in the freezing cold of the morning

and recalled all these amazing things that we had done

while we were in Tasmania.

Now, Dave and I had taken a totally different view to that break.

It was that Tasmania was lovely but not geared towards children and not one that we felt we would do again, as a family.

It was freezing and we took the five kids – a first as AJ and Mal had always spent their holiday time with their mother

on a driving holiday

in a seven seater car.

We went on The Spirit of Tasmania and stayed in an old colonial house

and drove to all the things we wanted to see.

The kids fought

David and I fought -

a seven seater car with seven people, pillows, supplies, snacks and maps

suddenly seemed like the old circus act of cramming as many clowns into a mini as possible.

What’s that?

You’d like a minute here to visualise that?

Go ahead.

Yeah, squeezy, huh?

I was eleven weeks pregnant with Ivy and Noah and bleeding.

It was very stressful

but the kids,

they don’t remember any of that.

They remember waking up at sunrise on the huge ship and watching the locals moon us as we came into port.

They remember laughing so hard, they thought their insides might burst.

They remember the house and how they thought it was haunted and the enormous size and how everyone got their own room.

They remember waking up to eggs and bacon

and finding a large herd of sheep in the backyard, one morning

and how much fun it was to chase them.

They think about the day they saw their first Tasmanian devil and how Immy exclaimed,

on seeing a wombat waddling by,

that she thought wombats lived on their backs, with their legs in the air,

she had seen that much roadkill.

They talk about Port Arthur

and the fact that Mal and AJ found their way into one of the out of bounds areas

and aimed the ‘guns’ at our guide, who we had escaped from,

the huge  maze, that we all got lost inside

and  the the devonshire tea at the cafe, surrounded by lavender.

They remember our last day at Cradle Mountain

and how we all went searching for snow.

They don’t remember the drama or the fighting or the long drive

They remember the adventure,

they know only the good memories.

I thought about everything they had said

and decided

that I needed to change my definition of an ideal holiday

because they were right

a great holiday is one that creates amazing memories,

that and being able to spend quality time together

but I’d love to know

how would you describe a perfect holiday?

I’ve been lucky enough to be nominated as one of Kidspot’s top 50 bloggers and the big prize is an escape to Dunk Island. There are so many wonderful bloggers on the list.

If you want to, though, you could  click on the above button and vote for me.

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12 Responses to “How do you define a holiday? ( ‘Kidspot Top 50 Blog Your Way To Dunk Island’ )”

  • Veronica (102 comments.):

    Anything that leaves me relaxed and the kids playing happily would be my ideal. I think this summer, we’ll do some day trips (at least) to the beach and various parks, just to get out of the house. The weight of winter is pressing on me and I’m very tired of being cold.

  • Susan, Mum to Molly:

    OMGoodness! We went on the ‘big red boat’ to Tassie when I was pregnant with Molly. Were we on the same trip?? Freaky…

    I think your trip was prob a bit later tho, ours was in March/April 2005… Lulu was 2.5 at the time and really remembers/loved it too. She’s very sad that “her” big red boat no longer runs to/from Sydney…

    I REALLY REALLY hope you get to Dunk. (And have voted multiple times – I think you can vote once per day…)

  • Brenda (33 comments.):

    Seafood buffet, hammock, beach, cocktails and more cocktails. Hehehe.

    Best of luck, Tiff.xx

  • Susan, Mum to Molly:

    And OH YES the roadkill in Tassie!

    I think the short answer is that any holiday with kids is stressful and HARD work for the adults involved (unless you’re mega-cashed up).

    It took us a long time to achieve any sort of holiday since Molly’s accident, and have only been to one place – a whole hour’s drive away!

    It is pretty great though, we get an access friendly cabin at OceanBeach Holiday Park in Umina – highly recommend it.

    They’d prob have cabins big enough for your brood… You still have to cook tho.


  • Trish (587 comments.):

    In my dreams only …what she said @mummytime.
    An island, with any food I don’t have to cook! and someone to mind the kids as long as I can see them. I’d struggle to let them out of my sight IYKWIM.
    Amazing memories *tick*
    Walks on the beach or anywhere idyllic *tick*
    PS …I hope you win !!!

  • Mum:

    Fingers crossed you win this. You certainly deserve it. xoxo

  • Bern Morley (17 comments.):

    Loved reading this. I love that although you guys and the kids remember the details differently the consensus that you guys had an adventure is awesome.

    I too hope you guys win. You soooo need a holiday. On request, wear a pantsuit and rock the shit out of it. xxx

  • Marylin (173 comments.):

    What a refreshing perspective your kids have! :) x

  • Dawn (7 comments.):

    I totally voted for you. I love the honest, sometimes brutally so, way you write. As the mother of a special needs/medically fragile daughter, I am not always the patient, perfect, long-suffering in silence parent that some people try to make me.

    You write the good things, like this post, as well as the hard and not so nice feelings that we all share as parents. I truly appreciate that and hope you win. Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

  • Mum:

    I love the way you have portrayed & shared this holiday from both the parents’ and kids’ perspectives. You have taken the reader along for the ride with you. In some way, it describes my ideal holiday, which would include the available money & time to take off, tour and sight-see by road, rail or air,to be able to stop wherever took your fancy and stay for as long as you needed to. In essence, a holiday that offered freedom, with no money or time restraints. Is that not everyone’s idea of ideal? xoxo

  • Zing Kidz (1 comments.):

    That was a fantastic holiday wasn’t it! Too lovely! Thanks for sharing your holiday with us!

  • Sandy (1 comments.):

    Sounds like a fantastic holiday…..And you have put it in words so beautifully…

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