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Dear Donor,


I see you walking into the blood bank sometimes.

You look just like a regular person but I know you are in disguise.

Unassuming on the outside, you are really a super hero.


A person who saves lives.

You saved my life, you know.

You saved my family.

Mostly you gave my daughter a second chance.

How can I tell you what that means to me?

My girl, Ivy, has an immune deficiency which means she can’t mount a response to infection, so a simple cold easily becomes life threatening. 

She spent almost half of  last year in hospital.

My family was torn apart – we had to juggle work and hospital and six other children between us.

It’s been a struggle.

Here’s where you come in;

because of your kind, selfless act, Ivy can have an infusion of antibodies, taken from blood.

This allows her to have a better life and she’s happy, so happy.

She’s like a different child.

Last year all she wanted to do was sleep, now she wants to dance, sing, draw and play

and she started preschool.

Her life is less about hospital and more about living.

That’s an amazing gift you have given her,

one that I will always be grateful for.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart

from Ivy’s Mum.


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32 Responses to “Dear Donor,”

  • Veronica (102 comments.):

    Blood donors save lives. I wish more people who could donate, would donate.

  • Bec (25 comments.):

    When my daughter Erin was born three months early we were told that she would likely need a number of blood transfusions. As a child who weighed 428g and whose placenta had stopped functioning properly several weeks prior to her birth, she didn’t have a lot of blood to loose, nor the energy to make more.

    At first we requested that she be given her parents, or a family members blood. We were told that this was unwise. If, in the future, she were to need an organ donor we were her most likely match but, should we donate blood to her, we would be excluded from the donor pool. So Erin received her first transfusion at a handful of days old after a bleed from the insertion of a central line which would deliver medication directly to her heart.

    The skin of extremely premature infants is paper thin, it tears easily at the smallest most routine touch or movement. Erin’s second transfusion came as a result of small tears in her skin which bleed and caused severe anemia would, even with additional iron supplement would take weeks for her to recover from.

    Blood donation is incredibly important for these babies whose bodies are doing things that they really shouldn’t be – breathing and digesting food takes incredible amounts of energy. By donating blood you can make their roller-coaster ride just a little easier.

  • Mary:

    I think the letter sounds good. It’s simple, open & says it all. WD!

  • Brenda (45 comments.):

    Perfect letter Tiff. I hope and pray that it will bring lots of people to their nearest blood banks.xx

  • Tricia (169 comments.):

    Such a sweet post. LOVE the t-shirt! How are you doing?

  • Danielle (117 comments.):

    THis brought tears to my eyes. I will have to copy this idea, you know that we are in the same boat. Sam spent his first year sick and spent so much time in the hospital or doctors office. What an amazing gift that blood donors give to our little miracle kids… PS hope you don’t mind me running with your idea:-)

  • jeanie (224 comments.):

    I thank whoever is in charge that I have never had to call upon blood supplies, either for myself or my child.

    However, because so many do I have given blood since I was 18. It is free to give, what you lose you generally easily regain – and you get such a good feeling knowing people like your Ivy get life and quality of life.

    Of course, I can’t give right now, but as soon as I am able I will be putting my O negatives back into the system again.

  • Hyphen Mama (316 comments.):

    That is so beautiful. I’m all weepy now.

  • Jennette:

    Beautifully said. Beautiful artwork and beautiful little girl.
    Can’t think of a better way to get the message across…..

  • Being Me (12 comments.):

    It’s just fantastic. Sitting here with a tear in the eye and a lump in the throat, so it must be bloody great! Good job.

  • Vanessa:

    You write so beautifully but I guess it’s truly from the heart. And what a photo, she’s gorgeous!!

  • frogponsdrock (20 comments.):

    Have you been to the doctor yet woman?

  • Jeanette (275 comments.):

    So so powerful!

  • river:

    You’re welcome. You’re ALL so, so welcome. I missed my last donation as I wasn’t well, but I’m going back in soon. I’m an AB+, what’s Ivy?

  • trish (588 comments.):

    Tiff, it’s perfect .I love Ivy’s illustration and her shirt ! xo I am O+
    my mum is 0- and much sort after.

  • Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo (274 comments.):

    Brilliant babe. You couldn’t have done a better job.


  • Fe (46 comments.):

    Beautiful letter, Tiff. Beautiful.

    I’m so grateful to all donors. I feel sick that i can’t donate (lived in the UK during Mad Cows outbreak), as blood donations have saved my life twice when I’ve hemorrhaged after surgeries.

  • Sunny Road Mum (51 comments.):

    Beautiful letter, Tiff. So touching. I’m glad I finally got around to donate. I know how much it can help so many and hope your efforts help to raise awareness even more. xx

  • Mary @ Parenthood (8 comments.):

    That shirt is wonderful! I wish I could donate blood; I’ve been excluded due to living in Europe during the 80s. Couldn’t donate breastmilk either. So dumb, but I guess I understand wanting to err on the side of caution.

  • Laura (8 comments.):

    So wonderful! Unfortunately, because I lived in the UK during the Mad Cow disease shenanigans, no one wants my blood.

  • Marylin (120 comments.):

    I just cried. What a wonderful letter. xx

  • Amy:

    This is lovely!
    Is it going to be published by RC? Will they hang it in their waiting rooms? I am positive (O, LOL!) that donors would LOVE to read this while waiting for their appointments.

  • jen (63 comments.):

    Oh Ivy, I wish I could donate but because I lived in the UK during a certain period I’m not allowed to. Whenever this ban is lifted I’ll be there. Not sure if I’m you’re type or not, A+ I am.

  • Mum:

    Perfect letter for the promotion & perfect drawing from Miss Ivy. Way to go! I would donate my “whole” A+ blood, if I could. Speaking of which, would a complete transfusion of whole blood or at least white blood cells & the immunoglobulin be another option for Ivy, to try to boost an immune system? Just a thought, but I guess her doctors would probably have considered this option already. xoxo

  • katef (193 comments.):


  • Dina @ 4 Lettre Words (26 comments.):

    This is so beautiful and I’m forwarding it to my hubby! He donates every 60 days. He is/we are all O positive so it is of even more benefit!

    Thank you so much for this, and God bless your beautiful daughter.

  • Heather of the EO (9 comments.):

    Beautiful post! And what a beautiful girl! I love her t-shirt (and her big blue eyes)

  • Nat (2 comments.):

    What a truly beautiful letter and amazing little person you have there.

  • tiff (5 comments.):

    Thank you everyone, Ivy is A positive!

  • [...] one more thing. I read this today, and am reminded of how special the ability to give blood is. What a difference it can make [...]

  • Lara (9 comments.):

    I cried and cried. And then started thinking…

  • Lara (9 comments.):

    P.S. Ivy is my type – I’m A+ too – and negative to CMV, which means my blood can be given to newborns. So I am on a mission to get my iron levels up so I can donate again :)

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