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watch this space

Stop Press

He cancelled.

Here’s to a fantastic long weekend! (not)

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21 Responses to “Stop Press”

  • Trish (588 comments.):

    OMG – words fail me … what else can you do to make him take notice !

  • river:

    Forget him. Deal with the hospital only. Camp out in the waiting room with your entire family until someone competent takes Ivy under their wing. I don’t mean at all that YOU are incompetent, this is directed at the paed.

  • river:

    Would it be at all worthwhile to uproot your family and move back to where-ever Immy got such wonderful treatment?

  • Krista (17 comments.):

    Who cancelled? I thought you were going in today? Ugh. I’m so sorry! Here’s praying that she starts to get better on her own!

  • Fiona:

    I’m going to swear (if thats ok) FUCK THAT PAED OFF!

  • Childlife (232 comments.):

    Oh-ho-ho! I’m so mad I could just spit!! I’m with River — picket the powers that be. Ivy needs an endocrinology appointment like yesterday anyway. Go after both issues full throttle. Does the pead have an attending he reports to at the hospital? Start shakin’ that tree wherever there’s a branch to tug on. Do they have a Family Services Coordinator at the hospital where he has privileges? Start logging hourly complaints with them. Camp out in the hospital CEO’s doorway — this is sooooo not cool.

    Sheesh. In the US, a little bit of serious picketing can sometimes go a long way. I have no idea what works in Australia and what doesn’t, so everything I just said, take with a grain of salt. You know what works there best, and I know you’re doing absolutely everything you can, just hang in there.

    I wish I could just come rattle some cages for you and just send you home for a nap, Sweetie! I’m soo sorry! I so know what this feels like and it’s just awful. Hugs to you and keep reminding yourself as you work through this hurdle that you’re brilliant — you really are. I’m just in tears over this — it’s not fair. You need ANYTHING, if I can pull it off, I will, OK? :(

  • jeanie (226 comments.):

    (((((Tiff))))) ((((Ivy))))

  • Xbox4NappyRash (314 comments.):

    Unreal, just unreal.

    I’m so so so sorry.

    Dunno what to say.

  • Jenty (55 comments.):

    Tiff, my heart just breaks for you and Ivy :( (((HUGE HUGS from across the seas)))
    Is there no way you can get an appointment with another paed. This guy sounds like a bastard!

  • Rach (72 comments.):

    Crap. Just crap.

  • Veronica (703 comments.):

    Oh shit. I knew I should have read this one first.

    Sending you all my healing energy and good thoughts.

  • frogpondsrock (295 comments.):

    No wonder you thought the mystery object was the big bad wolf… Shit tiff.
    Shit! Shit! Shit….

    Sending healing vibes your way.. xxxx

  • Jayne (197 comments.):

    I’m with the others – take Ivy straight to hosp.
    Demand they review her asap.
    Take a deep breath and believe in yourself because you are a great mum and a very worthwhile person who has a lot to give her family and the world.
    I’m sticking pins in the paed voodoo doll as we speak.

  • lceel (355 comments.):

    My prayers.

  • Sadie (91 comments.):

    OMG!! I’m with everyone before me, deal with a hospital. Next time her fever climbs, take her to the hospital. It doesn’t make you a weak mom to stand up for your very sick baby. “Okay” is so NOT acceptable in Ivy’s case. Not with her myriad of other isues.

  • hbacmama (8 comments.):

    Screw the pead. AND write a letter of complaint to the governing body in your neck of the world…. nothing like a blot on your reputation to make you sit up and take notice.
    Hope that this message finds miss Ivy feeling better and you feeling a little more rested.
    okay, a girl can dream right?

  • Betsy (89 comments.):

    You have GOT to be FUCKING kidding! Seriously, he cancelled?

    I’ve got nothing. Really, he cancelled? He didn’t…no…he couldn’t have. He did!


    If I lived there…that man would not have a patient left in his waiting room! Fucker.

    And his receptionist? SHE should be shot! Next time she has to reschedule a patient, pick another kid! I hate her too.

    Oh Tiff, {{{{{{hugs}}}}}!

  • katef (43 comments.):

    I never complain when I am treated badly… I feel to guilty or I am too pathetic and freaked out by the phone to actually be brave enough to do it…. so I’d say go make some complaints and rattle some cages, except that I know I wouldn’t ever be brave enough to take that advice so I won’t….

    Instead I’ll say find someone who will do the cage rattling for you.. a friend, a relative.. someone who is able to stand up and shout from the roof tops that this isn’t good enough…. someone who has the time and the energy to be in your corner…. because I am guessing right now all your time and energy is solely focussed on your little sick girl, your family and keeping it all together….

    *hugs*…. I will never ever understand why crappy things have to happen to good people….

  • Dr.Cason (16 comments.):

    I’m sorry I don’t understand.

    He cancelled?

    Cancelled clinic?

    The only time I ever cancelled clinic was when jake was admitted to the hospital. OTW I just take then with me. Sometimes my kids screaming outside the room are the sickest kids in the clinic but I’m there and they are there and we are upholding the Hippocratic oath.

    I’m sorry tiff.

  • Loralee (5 comments.):

    That is HORRIBLE.

    Please go to the hospital. I am soooo sorry.

  • Loralee (5 comments.):

    Ok, WHEW! A: my computer SUCKS. I am not sure why it took me straight to this post (It’s been a couple of weeks since I checked in with everyone) but I thought that this was your current post! GAH!!!!

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